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Are You Tired of Not Understanding DOT Regulations and
Possibly Paying High Fines Because You Don’t
Have the Time or the Resources to
Stay Updated on Training in the
Trucking Industry?

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who owns a small trucking company recently.  In addition to managing the daily operations of the business, he always finds himself wearing multiple hats.  One day he may be a relief driver, the next day he is coordinating logistics and negotiating load rates.  In between these activities, he is working with his office manager to ensure his accounts receivables aren’t outstanding, while simultaneously working with his two drivers to ensure their trucks are properly maintained before they hit the road.

Do you want to purchase a truck to be your own boss?  Or do you enjoy the freedom of being an owner-operator, but the stress associated with staying up-to-date with the industry is just too overwhelming?

We dug a little deeper to get some answers from two individuals who are new to the industry:

How do you keep up with regulations and what you should be doing to stay on top in the industry?

“I sorta find out with a fine … most recently a $2,000 fine when I failed part of an audit,”

“I don’t have an HR or compliance person to keep up with all the regulations and training like a big company, so I typically learn when I get a fine or put out of service,”
-Owner of a small trucking company.

Do you find yourself in the same boat?
Floating along day-to-day trying to deliver your loads in the most cost effective way, always wondering if you’re in compliance because you’re just not sure where to turn for the latest training.

You’re not alone … and you don’t have to feel alone anymore.

Chances are you decided to open your trucking company because you enjoyed being part of the transportation industry.  Maybe you enjoyed driving.  Maybe you enjoyed delivering freight.  Maybe you simply thought you could make more money and enjoy more freedom.  You probably didn’t start your own business because you wanted to spend time researching training, regulations, and business growth ideas.

But not taking a few minutes every day to learn those things could cost you your entire business.

That’s where a membership to the Trucking ROI Club comes in!

With a membership, you’ll have instant access to one of the most robust training video libraries in the trucking industry – a specialized collection of training topics that was once only available to the biggest trucking companies is now available to independent owner-operators and small trucking company business owners through an exclusive membership designed specifically to help small and independent trucking companies, like yours, succeed.

Because we know you don’t have a lot of time to spend watching training videos, each lesson is less than 10 minutes in length and is available on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.  This means you can quickly watch a video when you pull into a rest stop, are laying in bed at night, or just need to step outside of the day-to-day chaos for a walk in the great outdoors.

Additionally, Trucking ROI Club members get access to our weekly round-up newsletter and access to an online blog that summarizes the latest changes currently in the news from across the industry.  Plus, each month we release 3-5 new training videos into your video library, for free!

Why You Can’t Afford to Not Join the TruckingROI Club

Most owner-operators and small trucking company owners know how to be great truck drivers, but they have not yet learned how to be savvy business people.

As a result, their businesses are struggling, and they’re stuck … working in their business and stressing on a daily basis hoping they are in compliance with the latest regulations.  Oftentimes, they are throwing away money because they don’t know the best practices on things like improving fuel mileage.

I talk to truck drivers on a regular basis, who tell me they don’t have the 5-10 minutes a day to invest in the TruckingROI Club to take their business to the next level …

And that’s the real problem – the belief that they can’t afford to invest in themselves and work on their business.

Don’t Risk Paying The Costly FMCSA “Dumb Tax”

A violation is a violation … and the FMCSA doesn’t care if you “didn’t know” that you were violating something. Don’t fall victim to the “dumb tax”. For a minimal annual investment, you can put a major safeguard in place to help you avoid paying the high cost of noncompliance. Knowledge can literally save you thousands of dollars a year.

Why pay high penalties like…

  • $3100 for Out of Service Order by Driver:
  • $1100/day for Improper Recordkeeping:
  • $4750 for CDL Violations

…simply because you didn’t take a few minutes every day to make sure you understand the rules and regulations of the industry?

For a minimal annual investment, you can get exclusive access to the resources you need to not only ensure you’re prepared for DOT Audits, but to also ensure you know when the FMCSA is going to do specific weekly blitz roadside inspections. Additionally, you will understand what you need to be doing on a daily basis to make the most informed decisions about your trucking business.

Sure, you could decide to “save” your money and not invest in the membership. But with the average fine per FMCSA violation at $5,050 … the low annual membership cost to join the TruckingROI Club could literally pay for itself when you watch your first video and learn how to avoid a costly mistake.

Can We Give You Our Proven Blueprints
For Quickly Building a Thriving Trucking Business?

As a TruckingROI Club Member, you’re going to learn the key skills that will set you apart from your peers and your competition. You’ll get access to video topics like:

Trucking Business Management Success Strategies

  • Building a Solid Business Structure
  • Developing Your Business Team
  • Best Practices for Running Your Business
  • Creating Stability Utilizing Technology
  • Important Things to Pay Attention to with the IRS
  • Utilizing Financial Information for Your Business Success

Avoiding Top Violations & Saving Money

  • The Seven Essentials of Defensive Driving
  • Implementing a Fuel Efficiency Program
  • Avoiding Hours of Service Violations
  • Drug Testing Policy Development and Requirements
  • Accident Prevention In & Around the Truck
  • Best Practices to Avoid OSHA Violations

CSA BASICS Success Tips

  • CSA Driver Series
  • CSA Management Series
  • CSA Minutes Series
  • CSA Tire Inspections
  • CSA Top Violations
  • CSA Warning Letters & Violations Removal

As a member to the TruckingROI Club, you have access to step-by-step videos, resources, and blog articles on all of the things you MUST know and understand in your trucking business to avoid closing the doors.

Act Now … Or End Up Paying High Fines Later

If you are sick and tired of doing fine but you want to step up and make sure you’re both dedicated to being a professional truck driver and also dedicated to ensuring you truly understand everything you need to understand in the industry, then the TruckingROI Club is for you.

This isn’t your average trucking resource blog. You’re not going to watch countless boring videos and read articles you could find anywhere else.

Instead, you’re going to learn step-by-step, what’s working RIGHT NOW across the industry, and how you can replicate the same success quickly into your business.

Unlike other resources and programs available for the trucking industry, TruckingROI Club members have unprecedented access to the shortcuts and industry secrets that continue to drive trucking businesses forward …

All you have to do is become a member now and let us share with you our detailed blueprint video library complete with action plans and steps you need to take to grow your trucking business, knowing you’re always in the know on what’s happening in the industry.


Big trucking companies pay close to $20,000 a year to have access to training resources like you can now get in the Trucking ROI Club video library.

However, you’re not going to pay anywhere near that amount because we want to make sure this content is affordable enough for every owner-operator or small trucking company owner who wants to build a thriving trucking business.

And that’s why we’ve priced an annual membership at only $397.

Why so affordable?

Frankly, we want to save lives on the highways and help you build your small business dreams in the process.

So we decided to make a TruckingROI Club membership as affordable as possible.


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